Joan Salwen

Co-Founder, Blue Ocean Barns



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About this speaker

Joan is the CEO of Blue Ocean Barns, responsible for corporate and business development and government relations. Blue Ocean Barns makes Brominata, an all-natural, red seaweed-based digestive aid and mineral supplement for cows. Consumer companies that use beef or dairy in their products have committed to provide Brominata to farmers to eliminate burps cows naturally produce. A leading carbon registry will issue certificates that evidence the verified carbon reductions that result. 

Joan grew up in the long shadow of her family’s Iowa farm where she harvested cherries and cared for the sheep. During 20 years as a Managing Director at Accenture, Joan managed $50M+ client relationships and led the firm's Atlanta practice for organization and change strategy. In 2003, she helped found Atlanta Girls’ School, where she served as a teacher and Head of School. In 2015, Joan transitioned to Stanford, where she built a team that energized university, market and government interest in seaweed as a solution to climate change. She founded Elm Innovations, a non-profit platform for exploring the potential of the seaweed-livestock connection and ultimately co-founded the commercial engine for it, Blue Ocean Barns. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and holds a BA and an MA. 

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